Saturday, August 22, 2015

Moving Company in New York

Here is a letter that we received from one of our satisfied moving customers who moved from New York to the Midwest recently: 

"I was transferred by my company to the Midwest, and I was looking for a Moving Company in New York to pack up my furniture, appliances, and other household items as well as for my home-based business which I operate part-time. 

"I had a previous bad experience with a moving company when I moved to New York from the West Coast, so I was particularly worried about the quality and the reputation of the New York moving company that I would select. 

"I called several places that I found online and got as many different quotes.  I was not so concerned about the fee of moving from New York, as I was of the cost was being paid by my company to move.  I was more interested in the reputation of the New York moving company that I would use.  I turned to the online reputation website Yelp and took a look at the reviews.  Yelp is a good place to research the reputation of a New York moving company, because they have a lot of online reviews of New York moving companies.  I also checked to see if the company was licensed in New York and had the proper license and permits, etc. for an interstate move.

"I was also concerned that the New York moving company had the proper moving packaging items such as boxes, padded blankets, and so forth, to protect my household items from the damage that can sometimes happen on a long distance move. 

"I finally ended up choosing Warners Vanlines not just because if their great reviews on Yelp, but also because their fees were reasonable and they had the necessary licenses and permits necessary for a long distance move from New York. 

"I was glad that I chose Warners Vanlines because my move from New York was entirely a pleasant one!  Warners Vanlines took care of everything.  They carefully surrounded my household items in bubble wrap and wrapped up my appliances and furniture in padded blankets.  The movers left New York on a time schedule that we had agreed on previously and arrived on time and as promised.  Not one of my items was damaged in the move from New York and we all arrived safely at our destination.  Everything was marked on the moving boxes, so they had no trouble in knowing which of my household items went in the kitchen, living room, bathroom, and my home office. 

"So if you are moving from new York, I would highly recommend Warners Vanlines for your long distance move.  They are great interstate movers!"

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